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Cost Effective with as little as 6 month payback.
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How Well Does Solar Heating Work?
A properly sized and installed system will raise pool temperatures 10-15 degrees during the season. When it's cloudy or rainy, solar won't work as well (and you probably won't be swimming during those times), but your water will be back up to temperature after one or two warm days.

Do I Need A Special Pump?
Our System uses a 12v bilge or inline pump. It is special because it hooks directly to the solar electric panels and operates when they are generating free electricity

Where Can I Put The Solar Collectors?
Anywhere you get full sun for at least six hours during the day. The longer the collectors are in full sun, the better they work. If you are mounting on an angle (like a roof or rack), the collectors should face in a southerly direction if possible.

What Additional Parts Will I Need To Complete My Installation?
You will need the correct amount of pipe or hose to connect the collectors to your pool equipment. For rooftop installations, we suggest you use rigid schedule 40 PVC pipe. You'll need PVC primer, glue and fittings. Glue and fittings are available where you buy your pipe.

What About A Solar Blanket?
A solar blanket will hold the heat in the water at night, especially early and late in the season. It is best to remove the blanket on warm sunny days so the solar energy can penetrate deep down into the water rather than be blocked by the opaque blanket material. Remember, your Sunheater will heat the water and a blanket will hold it in, but not heat it effectively.